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Our Eden's Gate Team

Alec & Julie on the dock
2016 Crew headed to the house
Jana & Morgan cruising the river
Beautiful Kelsey
Spencer & Jana sporting the shades
Baby Morgan enjoying the water
Stephen hanging out at the beach
Eli & Kelli at the market
Simon enjoying the view of the river
Sweet Bella
Eli & Kelli, always together
Best buds, Simon and Spencer
Cute couple, Shellene and Spencer
Kelsey searching the beach
2016 Team playing cards by lantern
Dinner at Innies with drummers
2016 Team at Nim Li Punit ruins
Kim enjoying the sunset
Alec and Larry taking a break
2017 crew at Innies
Larry & Jerry working a project
On a jungle cruise
Jana sandwich with both Spencers
BFF's B-Mo & Bella
Break time for Jerry & Martha
Beautiful Shellene
Jana, Kim & Spencer at end of day
Edie, Morgan & Bella enjoying Innies
Baby Morgan & Momma selfie
Spencer & Simon at it again
Kelsey & Jana back in 2014
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